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Social Security Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Social Security?

The insurance company Mass Mutual recently put together a Social Security knowledge quiz. The format is true or false and may educate people a little better about a system which many people rely on and continue to rely on. If

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What Can Retirees Do About The Shortfall?

Retirees don’t have control over inflation, or over how much of a Social Security benefits increase they get. Doing some part-time work to pick up the slack may be an option (just be aware of the possible effect working could

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Why Are Retirees Losing Ground When It Comes To Social Security Benefits?

“COLA” “COLA” “COLA.” Anyone following the continuous developing news about the future of Social Security in the United States knows this word all too well. So what’s the problem exactly? The problem is COLAs aren’t keeping pace with the cost

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Social Security Retirement Benefits Are Rapidly Losing Value: Preparation Is Inevitable

As mentioned in a previous post, the buying power of Social Security benefits has been declining for decades, but retirees took an especially big hit last year. With the recent recent survey conducted by the Senior Citizens League, 63% of

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Why Retirees Are Losing Ground on Social Security

The Senior Citizens League has recently issued a report outlining some scary discrepancies in today’s current Social Security system. The new data displays a significant differences in retirees’ expenses increase and their periodic raises. These differences are not going to

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Recalculating COLA: Help With Rising Living Costs

The cost of living adjustment (COLA) is an annual increase that Social Security recipients get that helps them keep up with rising living costs. It is not believed that this benefit will go away but the annual increase could shrink

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Is It Time To Reduce Benefits To High-Income Individuals?

The great debate on how to fix and improve Social Security continues as a possible fix for Social Security could be reducing the benefits for people who make more money is being considered. With lower payments to these individuals, recipients

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Longevity Indexing: Calculating The New FRA (Full Retirement Age)

Adjusting the FRA is the one agreed upon method of handling rising social security benefit costs in the past. Most likely, this will continue into the future. Exploring in detail will reveal exactly how the numbers should play out. Increasing

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Retirement Age: The Great Debate

In 1935, the Full Retirement Age (FRA), was 65. At this age a person became eligible to collect the full Social Security benefit amount. Fast forward to recent times and future Social Security recipients are faced with a different reality.

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Why You May Want To Consult With A Social Security Disability Attorney

New proposals on Capitol Hill aim to fix Social Security funding problem. The funds uses to pay benefits are running low. Benefit cuts are the most talked about solution but benefit cuts are not a certainty. Right now, multiple options

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