I think it’s fair to say that it has been a crazy year. Even so, at The Law Office of Mark J. Palmiere we are still striving to help those are planning on or are in the process of collecting Social Security next year.

If your main question is “How much Social Security income can I collect?” then the answer is based on the following criteria:

⦁ Work

⦁ Birthdate

⦁ Claiming Age

⦁ Past Earnings

⦁ Total Income

The above 5 factors ultimately determine the total social security amount you will be able to collect, so this information is imperative. If not done correctly, your Social Security check amount could be lessened or, even worse, denied entirely.

People often think applying for Social Security benefits is an easy process and a Social Security attorney is not necessary.
What they neglect to realize is that there is a 67% denial rate.

The application process itself may seem relatively easy to some but getting things right without any errors is where most people fail. Think of it this way: Anyone can take a test. Only some can pass it. It’s all about knowledge and what needs to be known when applying for Social Security benefits. At The Law Offices of Mark J. Palmiere we have that knowledge and will use it to get the Social Security benefits you deserve.