How an Experienced Rochester SSD Attorney Can Help

The application process for Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits can be confusing and frustrating, involving large quantities of paperwork and medical documentation that must be submitted properly. If you fail to answer questions completely, provide wrong information, fail to meet specific deadlines, or make other errors, your application may be set aside, delayed indefinitely, or ultimately denied. If you fail to substantiate your disability with proper medical reports and evidence that will convince the Social Security Administration (SSA) of your legitimate right to disability benefits, then your application may also be denied.

The submission of a thorough and proper application along with all of the required documentation is critical to the process of obtaining federal disability benefits. Understanding what the SSA wants, how to present your case in the most effective manner, and how this federal agency operates can only work to your advantage – that is the benefit you will receive when you are represented by an attorney whose practice is dedicated to this field of law.

As a Social Security Disability attorney, I have been helping clients throughout New York State obtain social security disability benefits for 24 years. Two decades of handling applications and the denials of individuals with every type of disability, from back injuries to kidney diseases to mental impairments has given me a wealth of practical understanding in handling all of the many details and aspects of the application and appeals process. I can help you get the type of medical reports and evidence that is so crucial to your application or appeal. I can also represent you in necessary hearings in which your case will be presented directly to an administrative law judge or other official for a determination. I can monitor your application or appeal as it moves through the system to ensure that it is being handled properly.

When faced with a disability that leaves you without the ability to support yourself through employment and that involves additional expenses related to your medical condition, it is critical that you obtain the benefits you need. Unnecessary delays and denials can mean devastating financial distress. Get the help you need to keep your future as secure as possible while facing the physical, emotional, and other lifestyle difficulties of a long-term disability. Contact me at Mark J. Palmiere, Attorney at Law, to arrange for a free consultation about your case today.