For readers of this blog “experience” is a term that has been used extensively on here but it is a critical factor more than ever. COVID-19 hasn’t stopped people from claiming social security disability benefits completely but it has slowed down the process a bit with more people applying for benefits do to COVID-19 related illnesses.

Time On Your Side. Prepare Now.

The average Social Security payment is around $1200 per month and can help cover important bills, pay for medical treatments, or mortgage payments.

Each year, there are more than two million Social Security Disability claims filed in the United States. While the statistics of approval can vary from state to state, nationally, close to 65% of all disability cases are denied on the first application filed with the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Disability process can be daunting and it can be incredibly disheartening to put an enormous amount of time and energy into it only to be denied and have to go through an entire separate process (appeal) to try to get the decision reversed. For most people by far this is a big gamble.

To prevent being denied, it is important not to wait and avoid filing the claim on your own. The advantage of having experienced legal representation from the start will greatly improve the likelihood of winning your case.