Many people have been targeted by a Social Security scam in the past three months. In fact, the surge in Social Security is unlike anything the SSA has ever seen before. Therefore, it is important to be informed and educated on how you can protect yourself if you are someone who is planning on collecting, or who is currently collecting Social Security.

All Social Security scams center around scammers claiming something is wrong with your Social Security number in order to get private information from you.

The SSA will never:

⦁ Threaten benefit suspension, arrest, or other legal action unless a fine or fee is paid.
⦁ Promise a benefit increase or other assistance in exchange for payment.
⦁ Require payment by retail gift card, cash, wire transfer, internet currency, or prepaid debit card.
⦁ Demand secrecy in handling a Social Security-related problem.
⦁ Send official letters or reports containing personally identifiable information via email.

The above bullet points are red flags that you should always keep in mind if someone claiming to be from the SSA contacts you.