Medicare Expansion

It is important to stress that many social security disability claims are denied because of inadequate medical records and other information related to medical records such as Medicare enrollment.

How will the new president effect Medicare and how it relates to social security recipients?

President Biden has called for expansion of Medicare by reducing the eligibility age to 60. A study last year by the National Academy of Social Insurance can shed some more light on the subject based on what it found. Simply put, lowering the age to 62 would add 10.1 million to the Medicare rolls, but only 670,000 who had been uninsured because this older age group already has a comparatively low uninsured rate. Those figures likely are somewhat higher now due to the pandemic.

By contrast, reducing the Medicare age to 50 would add 57.3 million new enrollees, 4.6 million of whom would have been uninsured, the study found.

A lower Medicare age would come with some complications: How to finance the Part A expansion of Medicare?

The answer Biden has proposed: Financing the expense of serving new, younger enrollees from general revenue, rather than the payroll tax.

Not sure if your medical records are in order? Contact a social security disability attorney before you try to file your social security disability claim.