There are a lot of misconceptions about Social Security and divorce. Here are seven myths that are just plain wrong.

Reduction Of Checks Is False

A December 2020 Fidelity survey found that 52% of adults believed that someone’s ex-spouse could influence their Social Security benefits. Nope. Totally false. Claiming based on your ex’s record has absolutely no impact their benefits. If they’ve remarried, their current spouse’s benefits aren’t affected either.

Can’t Get Banned From Collecting Benefits

Some divorce decrees do state that one spouse is prohibited from getting the other’s benefits. But as long as the marriage lasted at least 10 years, those clauses are “worthless and never enforced,” according to the Social Security Administration.

Need Ex’s Approval

Social Security won’t contact them if you’re using their record to qualify. However, you’ll need to provide some information about them so Social Security can locate their record. If you don’t have their Social Security number, they may be able to find them if you can provide your ex-spouse’s name, parents’ names, and their date and place of birth.

Stay tuned for part 2 of misconceptions when collection social security benefits from and ex.