COVID ‘Long Haulers’ have the potential to receive SSDI benefits but without the proper guidance these long haulers will end up wasting their time. Here are 2 more rules to follow to ensure a successful SSDI application outcome:

Be Aware Of General SSDI Requirements and Restrictions

The criteria for disability is strict and must be met with no exceptions to achieve a successful outcome on an SSDI application. One aspect of this is symptoms that are so severe work is virtually impossible either physically or mentally. Expectations that the condition will persist for a year or more are also required.

Hire A Well-Versed Professional SSDI Attorney With Years Of Experience

Mark Palmiere is not just another SSDI attorney. He has over 30 years of experience and comes from a long line of attorneys. Practicing law has been the Palmiere family business for several decades and when it comes to SSDI cases Mark Palmiere is the clear choice.