Long COVID sufferers applying for disability benefits are being denied high volume due to the general
lack of understanding when it comes to symptoms that arise from long COVID. In cases where benefits
are awarded it is not the symptom as a stand-alone reason why the benefits are awarded. It is typically
some other impairment that becomes the primary reason for the benefits or even a combination of other
factors that make it so that work is not possible for the afflicted. Long COVID on its own is rarely the only
impairment in a winning case. Meeting the requirements for the government’s definition of disability is
much stricter than it is for private disability insurance companies.

SSDI application process can be rigorous

The applicant must be significantly limited in their ability to do basic work, like walking and remembering.
Further, the condition must be so severe that it’s expected to last at least 12 months and/or result in
death. On top of this, if you are still working and make more than $1,350 a month, you generally
cannot be considered disabled by SSDI standards.

The SSDI application can be a difficult maze to navigate.  With the majority of applicants being denied, an experienced SSDI attorney can make all the difference.