What is the maximum Social Security disability benefit?

As of 2022, the maximum Social Security disability benefit that can be received is $3,345 per month, a noticeable increase from
$3,148 per month from the previous year. It is the same as the maximum amount available to those receiving Social
Security retirement benefits at full retirement age.

What conditions are considered disabilities?

There are numerous medical conditions are considered disabilities to the extent that they prevent a person from effectively
completing work-related tasks and are expected to remain severe for the foreseeable future.

Medical impairments that could be considered disabling and serve as the reason to receive SSDI include:

Respiratory disorders

Digestive disorders

Hematological disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders

Skin disorders

Endocrine disorders

Congenital disorders affecting multiple body systems

Neurological disorders

Digestive disorders

Sense and speech impairments

Mental disorders


Genitourinary disorders

Immune system disorders