What happens if I have Medicare?


If an individual currently has Medicare parts A and B, they do not need to take any action because they are already participating in Medicare. The Medicare Part B premium is paid from the individual’s SSDI today and will be paid from their SSI (Supplemental Security Income) when they reach full retirement age.

If an individual declined Medicare Part B at the time they became eligible for Medicare through SSDI, they can continue using their company-based plan until there is a change in circumstances, such as the retirement of their spouse.

At the time of a change in circumstances, the individual has an eight-month special enrollment period to sign up for Medicare Part B. They will need to contact the Social Security Administration to obtain the necessary forms to complete their Part B application.

If the individual does not sign up for Medicare Part B during this special enrollment period, they may be subject to a penalty of up to 10% for each 12-month period in which they were eligible for Medicare Part B but did not enroll.