Looking closer at taxes going into 2022 it is evident that there are some changes on the horizon. The
number have changed and it’s any Social Security disability applicant’s job to be ready to handle these
changes and plan accordingly.

Taxes are an area of Social Security Disability that can’t be taken lightly and it is imperative that
everyone in the US who is planning on (or is currently) collecting Social Security is aware of the proper
tax amount for 2022.

To put it bluntly: Social Security taxes on earnings are rising.

Higher earners don’t necessarily pay Social Security taxes on all of their earnings. Each year, a wage
cap is set that determines how much income workers’ pay taxes on.

This year, workers pay Social Security taxes on their first $142,800 of earnings. From there, earnings
aren’t subject to that tax.

In 2022, the wage cap is rising to $147,000. That means workers whose income is at or above $147,000
will be liable for an additional $520.80 in Social Security taxes.

Those who are salaried workers will get to split that extra tax with their employers evenly. But the self-
employed will have to pay it in full.