Work credits are getting harder to earn and going into 2022 will prove quite a challenge for those seeking
them. Social Security benefits aren’t given out automatically, they literally must be earned. A person
needs to earn 40 work credits in their lifetime in order to qualify for them. The value of a single work
credit changes from year to year. Right now, one credit is worth $1,470 of earnings. But in 2022, you’ll
need to earn $1,510 to get that same work credit. Simply put, in order to earn work credits one must
prove earnings year after year.

Earning Work Credits Full-Time vs Part-Time

You can’t earn more than four work credits per year, so if you work full-time, the changing value of a
work credit probably won’t matter to you.

Part-time work, however, is a different story. For those working part-time, careful attention should be
paid to any work credit qualification changes to make sure income stays above the necessary levels so
that there aren’t any problems when it comes to qualifying for benefits down the line.

Zip Codes Affect SSI Benefits

Yes, zip codes can affect Social Security benefits so be ready.

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