Every year, The SSA (Social Security Administration) issues an earnings statement to workers. This earnings statement is a summary of what their taxable wages for the year and what their benefits might look like in retirement. “Might” is the operative word as this number can flucuate so it is highly recommended that anyone who wants to have the best possible outcome for their Social Security application consult with a Social Security Disability attorney.

A Social Security Disability attorney can help spot discrepancies and mistakes that could end up costing potential benefits. Anyone under the age of 60 won’t get a copy of this statement must create an account on the SSA’s website and access it there because direct access is not offered otherwise. Again, it is highly important to review earnings statement each year to prevent unnecessary reduction in total benefits allotted.

One big mistake that was mentioned in a previous blog post that could have a bad reflection of an earnings statement would be that the SSA has no income on record for an Social Security applicant during years actually worked and taxes that have been paid from said work. Another common mistake is a lower amount on record than what a Social Security applicant actually earned. Mistakes like these could lead to a reduction in benefits making proper tracking of earnings statements absolutely crucial.