A Social Security application may end up in the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO). It is important to know about the OHO as your Social Security benefits may be decided by this department.
The OHO employs Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) who hold hearings and decide on whether or not a person may receive benefits. OHO plays an important role in the Social Security Administration’s decision making process.

2 key aspects of OHO to keep in mind:

⦁ over 160 hearing offices located in most major cities across the nation.

⦁ more than 1,600 ALJs render over 700,000 decisions at the hearing level every year.

These hearings are held to resolve appealed determinations involving retirement benefits, survivor’s benefits, disability benefits, and supplemental security income benefits.

Mark J. Palmiere has over 25 years’ experience when it comes to getting people their social security benefits without a problem. He is well versed on OHO and how it functions, what to be ready for and how to handle obstacles OHO might put out that keeps people from getting their social security income.