For those who are looking to apply for social security disability the unfortunate truth is that it can be a complicated process that is affected by many different laws and regulations. If not handled properly, expect to see “DENIED” printed in bold, red font stamped on the social security disability claim.

So, as far as qualifying for disability, who is qualified and who is not? 4 crucial areas will be covered In this 4 part series when applying for Social Security Disability will be covered.

Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)

The threshold for SGA can be a plight for those with shaky work histories and it can be especially dificult for those who have been self employed, whether from owning a business or working as a contractor.

Without the proper substantial gainful activity it will be hard to qualify for SSDI.

There tests Social Security uses to determine if someone is doing SGA, but, just like any other test, if not studied or prepared for, expect a failing grade.

Although some applicants continue to work while waiting for the outcome of the claim they submitted, Social Security applicants cannot be working above the SGA threshold when they apply for benefits. The SGA overrides impairments and medical records meaning a person earning above the SGA threshold will be denied social security disabiliy benefits regardless of their current medical situation or medical history. This doesn’t mean that part-time work isn’t possible. It’s all about the SGA. As long as the SGA threshold isn’t breached, working part-time and collecting social security disability is completely possible.

This concludes part 1 of “The Truth About Applying For Social Security Disability.”