Although it is not official, a new proposal involving Social Security could possibly be added to a list of
Social Security changes coming in 2022. House lawmakers held a hearing to consider a new Social
Security proposal on Tuesday, which takes cues from President Joe Biden’s campaign. While
Republicans are skeptical of the plan, Democrats are hoping for a vote on it this spring.

Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust

With a name that is a nod to President Joe Biden, who referred to Social Security as a “sacred trust”
during his presidential campaign, a new bill is being proposed to congress. Some House Democrats are
hoping to change that with a bill to improve benefits that has been revamped and reintroduced in
Congress. A new Social Security bill is basically a monkey wrench for many new Social Security
applicants who are new to the process. Congress faces a deadline to act on Social Security, due to a
benefit shortfall set to take effect in 2034, according to the most recent estimates from the Social
Security Administration. At that time, just 78% of promised benefits would be payable from trust funds
the program relies on to issue those monthly checks.