An experienced social security disability attorney gives anyone the best chance at claiming their maximum benefit amount without interruption.
For those hesitant to contact a social security disability attorney due to cost not to worry because disability attorneys charge a fee regulated by federal law.
Approximately 63 percent of SSDI applications are denied. (source: Social Security Administration)

Future income that many people will be relying on is serious so anything that can be done to increase the chances of successfully claiming should be done. For anyone who searches for ways to have the best chance of succeeding a a claimant for SSDI, the results all lead back to the same thing: seek out a professional social security disability attorney.

Experience Counts

Experienced attorneys have the knowledge from years of practicing and relationships forged making it much easier for them to navigate appealing a denied claim. That knowledge and those relationships are more important than ever applying for Social Security Disability in a post-Covid environment. Please navigate this website and see why Mark Palmiere, with his 25+ years of experience in social security disability law, is an attorney that can help.