It is a fact that 65% of disability claims are originally denied. That’s more than half of the entire pool of people applying for SSDI benefits which speaks loudly in regards to how difficult the process can be from start to finish.

From the SSDI application fail-rate statistic stated above, it’s no surprise that the Social Security Disability benefits process can be long and painstaking for most people. Furthermore, it can be absolutely detrimental to the quality of life for someone (from a financial perspective) if not properly done without any mistakes whatsoever. The necessary paperwork alone is complicated and confusing to many applicants especially the part that involves submitting the correct medical documentation.

While, technically speaking, a Social Security Disability attorney is not required to represent applicants during the actual application process, hiring one can significantly improve chances of a successful claim to the point that one can argue it’s almost foolish not to hire one.

Time and time again, statistics show that the Social Security Administration is more likely to approve an applicant who is properly represented by a Social Security disability attorney.

Social Security Disability attorneys understand the application process. They know how to present SSDI cases in a way that separates a disability from being obvious to being a matter of conjecture. They also provide assistance in obtaining the necessary medical documentation from an applicant’s doctor. A Social Security Disability lawyer can greatly help reduce risk of a Social Security claim being rejected due to a lack of medical proof used in backing up a disability claim.

Upon denial of claim, a Social Security Disability attorney will provide representation at any necessary appeals (reconsideration and hearing proceedings). They will provide the best answers to any questions that the administrative law judge may ask.

Probably one of the best value points of hiring a Social Security Disability attorney is that they may be able to expedite a case forward. A huge plus to any applicants that have a great financial need or who are suffering from a terminal condition.

A Social Security Disability attorney can greatly assist an applicant’s testimony so that the judge has a proper understanding of how a disability has impacted the applicant’s ability to work. If appearing at a hearing is impossible given an applicant’s condition, the attorney can request an OTR (on the record) decision from the judge. This makes it possible for a claim to be approved without the need for a hearing.

Whether you are applying for Social Security disability benefits for the first time or appealing a recently received denial, hiring a Social Security Disability attorney like Mark J. Palmiere will maximize your chances of ultimately being successful with your disability claim.