The 10 Most Common Questions Regarding Social Security

For anyone planning on retiring soon the following questions, in some degree or another, have probably come to mind. The problem is that many of the answers to these questions will result in a “it depends” answer (ie. How much

The Importance Of Keeping Track Of Earnings Statements

Every year, The SSA (Social Security Administration) issues an earnings statement to workers. This earnings statement is a summary of what their taxable wages for the year and what their benefits might look like in retirement. “Might” is the operative

How Not Working Affects Your Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits are dependent on 35 working years of each individual person who applies. These 35 years are not consecutive and are picked based on earnings. In the event that an Social Security applicant enjoyed an all-encompassing reprieve their

Social Security Changes For 2019 |Part 6 Of 6 | COLA Online

Personal COLA Notices Are Now Viewable Online Starting this year, COLA notices will be able to be accessed online   Probably the biggest change in the world of Social Security comes in the form of Internet access. In 2019 Social

Social Security Changes For 2019 |Part 5 Of 6 | SSDI Benefit Amount

Social Security Disability Benefits Increased A slight increase in SSDI benefits in 2019 compared to 2018 Depending on the disability, the increase amount varies Currently there are about 10 million Americans receiving Social Security disability benefits. It’s expected that those

Social Security Changes For 2019 |Part 4 Of 6 | Earnings Limits

An Increase In Earnings Limits In 2018 the earnings limit for Social Security was $17,040 In 2019 the earnings limit for Social Security is now $17,640   Many aren’t aware of the fact that it is possible to collect Social

Social Security Changes For 2019 |Part 3 Of 6 | Retirement Age

Full Retirement Age Continues to Rise Full retirement age is 66 and four months in 2018 There has been a two month increase to the retirement age in 2019 There are penalties for claiming early There are bonuses for claiming

Social Security Changes for 2019 |Part 2 of 6 | Taxable Earnings

Taxable Earnings Have Risen to $132,900 $4,500 Increase In Earnings Cap Rate Is The Same (6.2%) One huge difference in social security for 2019 has been taxable earnings. This difference, all not seemingly much, could be detrimental to those who

Social Security Changes for 2019 |Part 1 of 6 | COLA Increase

A 2.8% Increase Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Social Security Recipient Receive Largest Increase Since 2012 2.8% Increase Average of $39 per month increase to each recipient $1,422 in 2018 to $1,461 in 2019 For 2019, more than 67 million Social Security